Commercial Photo Gallery

Job At A Community Mall

A few months ago, SERVPRO took a call for a job at a local mall. After the firefighters leave, our team is first on the scene. When the fire is put out, there is water damage as well. We are happy to take care of that too! 

Clean Up At Local University

Just recently, a local university had an accident in their basement. In this case, two sump pumps failed and the elevator shaft flooded with water from the bathroom. Thankfully, our SERVPRO team was out there quickly. It took our team a few days to clean and dry the area. But now, the basement is as good as new. Like it never even happened! 

RV catches fire while being repaired

The battery/generator compartment caught fire on this RV while being repaired. The fire followed the wires up into the roof of the RV. The cause of the fire is still a mystery but is thought to be a faulty battery

Fire at Elkhart county church

A fire at a local church caused by spontaneous combustion causes major damage. Some employees were staining some furniture and threw the rags into a pile next to the wall and they combusted.

Leaking shower causes mold damage

A leaking shower at an Elkhart apartment complex went unreported for quite some time and cause a severe mold problem. The tenant failed to inform any maintenance of the existing problem and caused extensive damage to the bathroom. 

Water line burst

A business in Elkhart had a water line freeze in the ceiling and burst. The water cause extensive damage to the drywall and carpet. It is very important to keep an eye on water lines in overhead "partially" heated areas and also water lines in exterior walls.