Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water In The Basement

Unbenowst to anyone, the landscaping company cut the sprinkler line which flooded 1,000 square feet of this customer's basement. SERVPRO was called in to clean up the mud, sludge, dirt and debris which had contaminated the home.  We cleaned, disinfected and dried the home in order to make it ..."Like it never even happened."

Mold After Flooding

This is a building that survived a storm but left heavy mold. The mold on the wall was from flooding after a week. The halfway line you see on the wall was how high the water rose up. 

Refrigerator supply line break

The refrigerator was moved out away from the wall to clean behind it. When it was pushed back it kinked the water supply line and broke it. Causing damage to the basement ceiling and floor.

Broken water line in Elkhart

A broken water supply line broke in an Elkhart county house. The supply line under the kitchen sink broke and leaked into the basement of the home. Causing damage to the ceiling, carpet, and pad.

Bad plumbing

This is a picture of a basement that had significant water damage due to a short cut that an unlicensed plumber used. Almost half of the ceiling had to be cut out and the homeowner was put out for 5 days. Always check for credentials of any company before they start any job. 

Broken pipes

This picture is the result of a broken pipe from a home that was not properly winterized. Everyone knows that Michiana weather is more than unpredictable so proper winterization is imperative. This home had to have the entire ground floor gutted and restored.