Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Severe Storm Damage

This was the aftermath of a vicious storm. The storm damage was massive. SERVPRO is here to help and along with the Emergency Management Teams, we have been leading the cleanup process!

We are faster to any disaster and we will make things "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage

A recent storm hit this home hard. The sofa and chair were non-salvageable because of the contaminated groundwater that flooded this lower level. SERVPRO techs managed to isolate the water damage to this area by rapidly pumping out the standing water. We limited secondary damage to the walls and stairs and saved the homeowner money. We are there when emergencies occur.

Storm damage at church in Elkhart county

A church in Elkhart county was having some roof repairs done when a pop up thunderstorm came through and dumped a lot of water on the unfinished roof. The water came down through the roof and soaked into the insulation and broke through the drywall.

Sump pump failure in Elkhart County

After tons of rainwater the sump pump couldn't keep up and eventually failed. The rain water backed up into the basement and flooded the entire thing with two inches of water. 

Roof leak causes damage

Heavy thunderstorms and wind caused water to leak under the shingles. The water leaked through the attic and damaged the drywall. The damage went unnoticed for some time and caused mold to grow.

Roof damage at Elkhart county gas station

Snow and ice caused damage to the roof at an Elkhart County gas station. The ice dammed up on the roof and took down some shingles with it. the remaining snow on the roof melted and came in through the roof. The water caused the drywall and insulation to fall from the ceiling.